Can You Use Commercial Bathroom Equipment In A Home?

Posted by Handy Washroom Direct on Sep 23rd 2020

Actually, you can use a lot of commercial bathroom products and equipment in a home, it just depends on the application and need.

You’ll find many families with disabled family members opt for not only using commercial equipment, but also use OBC universal washroom products or have washrooms built in their homes according to those specifications. Although universal washrooms are not required in a home, they’re extremely user-friendly and helpful. Some wealthier homes have fully-fledged universal bathrooms installed specifically for those with disabilities.

The following is a list of commercial washroom equipment that can be used in and compliment a home. Equipment that makes the bathroom more user friendly and effective for the user.

Washroom Grab Bars

According to Universal Washroom laws, public washrooms must have bathroom stalls that disabled people can use easily and that will help them maintain balance. This includes installing grab bars.

Grab bars are good for the home too. Everyone has lived in or visited a home that had a bathroom with grab bars installed. This is because there is a disabled adult or child living in the home or an elderly person who’s lost their strength.

Grab bars are meant to help people balance themselves in the shower, can be used to prevent slips and falls, and helps people maneuver in stall in ways they couldn’t without the bars.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

The one thing commercial spaces need are hand sanitizer dispensers, but what about having them around the home too? This idea has taken off in homes across North America especially because of COVID-19.

These days it’s not uncommon to walk into a home and see at least one dispenser placed somewhere near the front door – ready to remind the family and visitors to sanitize their hands.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are affordable to buy, easy to refill and simple to use. Anyone from a 3-year-old to an adult can use them, and they’re important at stopping the spread of bacteria and other viruses.

Commercial Washroom Mirrors

People that use wheelchairs don’t only benefit from commercial washroom mirrors while they’re at work. They work at home too. Commercial mirrors especially useful for little-people, and people in wheelchairs.

Some homes have commercial mirrors installed just in case someone with a disability visits their home. The most common commercial mirror that is purchased for a home is the tilt mirror. The other mirrors are not OBC compliant and don’t have any other use in a home.

There are damage resistant mirrors which would mainly be installed in a home where a family member has a tendency to violent outbreaks due to some neurological disorder.

Lastly there’s the commercial backlit and side-lit mirrors which actually look great especially if the home has a sauna or swimming pool with an outdoor pool changing-room.

Adult Change Tables

Although installing adult change tables in public bathrooms is OBC compliant in Ontario, they’re also useful in a home.

People that require the assistance of another person for changing their cloths, need that assistance in their home too.

There are OBC compliant and non-compliant nursing and restroom change benches to choose from with mounted options.

Shower Seats

There are numerous commercial businesses that offer shower features to their employees or patrons. Many factories have shower rooms, and all swimming pools do too.

Most of these shower stalls have shower seats installed. Disabled people, and people with bone and muscle weaknesses find these seats to be very important for them to shower properly.

You can also buy commercial shower seats for the home. People without disabilities find them to be useful too. Everyone has those moments where they just want to sit in the shower and relax.

Paper Towel Dispensers

A lot of people simply do not trust towels to safely dry their hands. Towels pick up dust, and after a short time start to fester bacteria and other un-welcomed guests.

Paper towels don’t, and if you have children, and you’re trying to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, a commercial towel dispenser is a great choice.

Somme places in a home they can be installed are the spare bathroom, the garage, pool changing room, near the basement sink and the laundry rooms. They’re affordable, durable and reliable. Plus, there’s wall-mounted, recessed, touchless, automatic. roll-paper options to choose from.

Commercial Hand Dryers

It’s not common knowledge that people can have commercial hand dryers in their homes but it’s very common nonetheless. Most of us are used to seeing hand dryers at most public washrooms, but many people have realized there’s nothing wrong with using them in the home too.

Hand dryer companies build some of the nicest and stylish hand dryers. These companies include ASI, Frost, Dyson and Bobrick. Although many of the models don’t appear to be fit for homes, there are a few models that look perfect in a home setting.

Depending on the style you choose, the most common places a commercial hand dryer could be installed within a home would be the garage, outdoor changing areas, children’s bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

The Take Home

Overall, if you’re looking for quality, durability, and decent warranties, give some commercial bathroom equipment a try. They’re built to last long and reliably provide your family with some of the most important bathroom needs they have.