Xlerator Hand Dryers

Xlerator Commercial Hand DryerView all our Xlerator Hand Dryers - Xlerator Recess Wall Kits, Automatic, White Epoxy, Steel Recessed, Graphite Textured, Epoxy , XChanger Kit and more. Everyday low prices on all Xlerator Hand Dryers by Handy Washroom Direct. 

If you're looking for an efficient hand drying solution for your commercial facility, look no further than Xlerator brushless motor hand dryers - the original patented high-speed and energy-efficient option.

Xlerator hand dryers outshine conventional models by offering 80% greater energy savings and 95% cost savings compared to other commercial hand dryers and conventional paper towels. With a drying time of just 10 seconds, they're also three times faster than other hand dryers available.

When hygiene is a top priority, choose Xlerator hand dryers. They are available with washable pre-filters, a HEPA filtration systems, and convenient antimicrobial wall guards. They feature adjustable speeds, sound control, heat settings, and an LED light that indicates maintenance is needed. Xlerator hand dryers are one of the leading choices not only for functionality but for their looks, colour choices and style.

Shop everyday low prices on the Xlerator Hand Dryer in Canada or the US. at Handy Washroom Direct.

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