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Where Can You Buy an Xlerator Hand Dryer in Toronto?

Posted by Handy Washroom Direct on Oct 19th 2021

At Handy Washroom Direct you can XLERATOR® is one of the top brands of commercial hand dryers, and as a supplier of a diverse commercial rest room accessories, we get a lot of sales for the […]

The Bathroom is All About the Medicine Cabinet

Posted by Handy Washroom Direct on Sep 10th 2021

One of the best investments for washrooms are medicine cabinet mirrors because they substantially help organize all kinds of bathroom accessories. They look sharp, are easy to clean and compliment […]

Can You Use Commercial Bathroom Equipment In A Home?

Posted by Handy Washroom Direct on Sep 23rd 2020

Actually, you can use a lot of commercial bathroom products and equipment in a home, it just depends on the application and need. You’ll find many families with disabled family members opt for no […]

New Frost Soap Dispenser Products Released

Dec 13th 2019

Frost is a leading manufacturer of washroom accessories located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. In response to customer demand Frost has released several highly functional new soap dispensers.We are p […]

Welcome to Handy Washroom Direct!

Oct 10th 2019

Handy Washroom Direct is your one-stop for all your washroom product needs, whether for your home or business. We are a Wholesale Distributor of top quality commercial washroom products, handy dryers, […]

It's All About the Paper

Oct 10th 2019

So the time has come to purchase your new paper towel dispenser - pretty simple right? It might be more complicated than you think.Most paper towel orders we receive are for existing businesses, offic […]