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Are XLERATOR Hand Dryers Actually Sanitary?

Posted by Handy Washroom on May 23rd 2023

There’s a quote from the Xlerator website that says their hand dryers removal 99.97% of bacteria. Let’s investigate this further. “XLERATOR Hand Dryers with HEPA filtration were also proven to re […]

Make Your Customers Come Back by Installing a Baby Changing Table

Posted by Handy Washroom on Nov 18th 2022

Baby changing tables are a great investment for any business that can afford them and has the space in their washroom. They provide an added service to customers and make you stand out in your fiel […]

The Needed Support to Install Various Commercial Bathroom Accessories

Posted by Handy Washroom on Sep 15th 2022

This article is a general outline of the support needed to install certain commercial washroom accessories including Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements. Please note that this document may not […]

Everything You Need to Know About Universal Washrooms

Posted by Handy Washroom on Jul 7th 2022

A universal washroom, also known as multi-use or accessible washrooms, is becoming a popular option for commercial washroom remodels. The term "universal" refers to the fact that these bathrooms ar […]

Easy Ways To Spruce Up a Commercial Washroom

Posted by Handy Washroom on Jun 21st 2022

In this day and age, a commercial washroom must be attractive and fully functional. This applies to a washroom that is available to the public and to the employees of a business. If you’re a busi […]

Where Can You Buy an Xlerator Hand Dryer in Toronto?

Posted by Handy Washroom Direct on Oct 19th 2021

At Handy Washroom Direct you can. XLERATOR® is one of the top brands of commercial hand dryers, and as a supplier of a diverse commercial rest-room accessories, we get a lot of sales for them.&nb […]