Janitorial Supplies

View Our Selection of Commercial Janitorial Supplies by ASI, Gamco, American Specialties, Bobrick, Frost, and popular manufacturers of janitor supplies. Shop mop holders, mop racks, broom racks and holders, janitor shelves, wet floor signs, rag hooks and much more. We sell direct to Canada and the US.

These janitorial supplies are perfect for restaurants, offices, retail, hospitals, hotels and virtually every industry. Whether you're looking for specific janitorial supply items or bulk orders, we're equipped to serve your needs.

Take Waste Management to a New Level and Prioritize Safety, Hygiene, and Efficiency with our selections.

At Handy Washroom Direct, we prioritize quality and affordability, and ensure that every product in our range of Janitorial Supplies meets the highest industry standards.

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