It's All About the Paper

Oct 10th 2019

So the time has come to purchase your new paper towel dispenser - pretty simple right? It might be more complicated than you think.

Most paper towel orders we receive are for existing businesses, offices or other facilities looking to upgrade an old or worn out dispenser. So it's important to have some information on the type of paper towels the facility is currently using to avoid having to change paper type or supplier. To make it simpler, we've put this guide together to help you choose the right dispenser.

Almost all of the paper towel dispensers Handy Washroom Direct carries use non-proprietary paper, which means you don't have to have to buy them from any special dealer or manufacturer. Any generic brand will work for all our ASI, Bobrick, Frost dispensers. We don't sell paper products at Handy Washroom so you can be sure we are unbiased as to which paper we recommend you buy ;).

Paper towel refills can be purchased at any local janitorial supply or stores near you like Costco or Office Depot. There are four standard types of paper which we will discuss, they are C-fold, Multi-fold, Single-fold and Roll Towel. 

Keep in mind that some dispensers can take multiple types of paper.

Multi-fold or C-fold Paper:Multi-fold or C-fold: These are individual pieces of paper towels that are stacked on top of each other in the unit and are dispensed one at a time from the unit. This controls how much comes out at once (unlike the free roll dispensers). 

C-fold sheets are typically smaller than Multi-fold sheets and therefore give the user less paper to dry their hands. Here are some Multi-fold/C-fold dispensers we recommend:

  2. Bobrick B-2620 - ClassicSeries Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser
  3. Frost 107 - Multifold and "C" Fold Paper Towel Dispenser - Stainless Steel

Roll Paper Towel:Roll paper towel dispensers: These are dispensers that dispense from continuous roll of paper towel. There are 2 types of roll dispensers, one allows the user to pull out as much paper as they like, and the other automatically cuts each roll into pre-set dimensions to reduce usage and waste - these are usually called Control-Roll dispensers. Here are some Roll Towel dispenser recommendations:

  2. Bobrick B-72860 - Surface Mounted Roll Paper Towel Dispenser
  3. Frost 109-60S - Mechanical Hands Free Paper Towel Dispenser - Stainless Steel
  4. Frost 101-J - Jumbo Roll Paper Towel Dispenser - Jumbo Size

Combination Roll and Single-fold:Combination Roll and Single-fold dispensers: These dispensers can dispenser either roll paper towels or single-fold paper towels. Single-fold paper towels are similar to multi-fold or C-fold (except are folded differently) in which a single towel is dispensed per pull. 

These dispensers also come in standard and Jumbo size depending on the Roll paper size you wish to purchase. 

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Frost 101 - Universal Paper Towel Dispenser - White
  2. Frost 101-1 - Universal Paper Towel Dispenser c/w Lock - White - with Lock
  3. Frost 102 - Universal Paper Towel Dispenser - Chrome

Once you've decided on the type of paper you wish to use then you can look at additional options like hands-free automatic dispensers or whether you would like to have a lock on the unit so that only authorized personnel can access them to replenish the paper supply. 

When it comes to finishes, we have a dispenser to match any decor: White, Black, Chrome, Stainless and a combination of different materials.

Here is where you can find all of the paper towel dispensers we carry:

View our combination paper towel/waste receptacle units which have the trash bin integrated with the dispenser.

If we've missed something or if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.