The Bathroom is All About the Medicine Cabinet

Posted by Handy Washroom Direct on Sep 10th 2021

One of the best investments for washrooms are medicine cabinet mirrors because they substantially help organize all kinds of bathroom accessories. They look sharp, are easy to clean and compliment any washroom they're installed in.

Why Install Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

We get a lot of inquires for medicine cabinet mirrors and for good reason. With that in mind we've decided to list the top reasons we consider purchasing one of these cabinets a good option. Here we will explain how they optimize the function of a washroom and look great at the same time.

1. They Look Great

Medicine cabinet mirrors do look great. As long as they're wiped down regularly, they keep their appearance and make a bathroom look tidy and organized.

Most modern cabinet mirrors are manufactured to be slim and not protrude out from the wall as wide as they used to only a decade or so ago.

2. They Help Organize Accessories

Better than any other equipment in the room, medicine cabinet mirrors are perfect for organizing washroom accessories and making the whole bathroom appear organized.

Along with great organizing capabilities, they also help keep things away from the children until they're big enough to reach it. Things like razors, medicines and toothbrushes can all be tucked away in your cabinet but easily accessible.

3. They Are Easy to Clean

One of the best selling features of these styles of mirrors is that they're extremely easy to clean. You only need a damp cloth and a little bit of soap to wipe down any accumulated grime.

The mirrors are as easy to clean like regular mirrors so if you like to keep your mirrors clean, there's no problem. We have found that using a damp paper towel to wipe down the mirror works almost as good as using Windex—especially if you make wipe downs a habit.

4. They're Relatively Inexpensive

The average cost for a medicine cabinet mirror is under $250.00. That is quite a reasonable price for such a quality product that will provide decades of convenience to a person's life.

For such a small monetary investment, your washroom will have that quality look about it for years, and all without much maintenance or upgrade requirements.

5. They're Easy to Install

Virtually any person that's handy with tools can install one of these cabinets. Installation generally involves verifying your dimensions prior to installation, taking a number of measurements and securing the unit to the framing you attach to your wall. The necessary mounting screws are always included too.

Another feature is that they can be conveniently installed to accommodate both left and right handed people.

Bonus Reason

One of the best reasons to install a medicine cabinet mirror is because of how easy they are to replace mirror panels. With regular wall mirrors, if it cracks or completely shatters, a whole new mirror has to be replaced. With a cabinet mirror only the mirror panel needs to be replaced which is quite easy to do and lets you still store all your accessories while you're waiting for the new one to come in.