Pressalit R8595572000 - VersaMax Series Nursing Bench with Safety Rail (Power Fold)

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Pressalit R8595572000 - VersaMax Series Nursing Bench with Safety Rail (Electrically Power Folding) (32"x72")

The Pressalit Versa Max wall-hung and powered height adjustable adult change table is focused on functionality, user-friendliness, hygiene and design. It is intended for children, youth and adults that need to be changed on a changing table in a public location.


• A full length safety rail to ensure that the user feels safe
• A safety rail without gaps where arms/legs can get trapped or slip out in case the user is restless on the changing table
• The closed design of the safety rail gives the user lying on the worktop a sense of privacy
• Soft, rounded edge to the safety rail so it can be used as a grab bar
• To provide better access for the caregiver or helper the safety rail has a practical lower area in the middle
• Built-in switches in the worktop – for easy adjustment of the height. You can stay close to the user who is lying on the worktop.
The built-in switches are placed conveniently close to the helper. It is also possible to lower and raise the table by
using the wired hand control
• Lifting height up to 1000 mm/39.4” to provide proper and safe working height for the helper
• A motorized folding-away of the worktop is available as a factory-mounted option (additional costs apply)
• Wall-mounted control panel for folding up/down the motorized worktop and height adjustment of the changing table available
as an option (additional costs apply)


• Scandinavian design with clean surfaces
• White compact laminate surface with a black core material gives a modern appearance
• The reversible mattress is fixed to the table so it will not move when changing a restless person or while folding/unfolding the table
• Lifting capacity 200 kg/440 lbs.


• Clean surfaces which are easy to wipe with a cloth
• Easy to clean attachment of the mattress. It is easy to remove the mattress to clean underneath it (mattress not included)
• The mattress is reversible so it is possible to turn it over, if one side is worn out
• Strong compact laminate worktop
• Manufactured in materials that do not stain or rust

Maximum capacity: 200 kg / 440 lbs

Warranty: Limited 3 year

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