ASI 0346 - Soap Dispenser for Showers


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ASI 10-0346 - Soap Dispenser (Vertical Valve) - Surface Mounted


Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser with vertical valve shall hold and dispense up to 40 oz (1.18 liter) of liquid soap, lotion or detergent. Dispenser shall be fabricated of alloy 18-8 stainless steel, Type 304, 20 gauge. All exposed surfaces shall be No 4 satin finish. Valve shall be constructed of chrome-plated brass body with stainless steel and plastic internal parts. Valve operation shall comply with ADA Accessibility Guidelines by requiring no more than 5 lbsf (22.2 Newtons) pressure to actuate and require no grasping or twisting by operator. A tamper resistant sight gauge shall be provided above valve. Unit shall have a hinged stainless steel refill door on top of unit which is opened with special key provided.


Unit is surface mounted to wall or partition by means of a bracket and screws (supplied). Unit is secured to interlocking wedge bracket and locked in place by means of a locking screw installed through tamper resistant refill cap. Recommended installation for general utility is 44" (1118mm) AFF or 8" (203mm) minimum above wash basin.


Soap is manually dispensed by depressing push button. Unit is reloaded through tamper resistant refill cap at top. Soap tank will continue to feed properly until soap level falls below sight gauge. Tank supply is replenished manually on cycle determined by maintenance needs.

Warranty: 1 year

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