ASI 3413-25 - Swing-Up Grab Bar with Toilet Paper Holder


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ASI 3413-25
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ASI 10-3413-25 - Exposed Flange (1 1/4" O.D) - Swing Up Grab Bar with toilet paper holder
ASI 10-3413-P25 - Exposed Flange (1 1/4" O.D) Peened - Swing Up Grab Bar with toilet tissue holder


Swing-up Grab Bar with Integral TP Roll Holder shall be fabricated of stainless steel type 304 alloy 18-8. Grab bar tubing shall be 18 gauge x 1-1/4" diameter [Ø32]. Mounting bracket shall be 9 gauge (5/32" thick [3.8]) plate with seven (7) 1/4" diameter [Ø6.4] mounting holes provided. Bar shall have 1-1/2" diameter [Ø38] tubing hinge and shall have a solid bar axle with adjustable friction sleeve balance. TP Roll Holder shall be 3/8" diameter [Ø9.5] solid formed rod with chamfered end. All exposed surfaces shall be satin finish. Structure shall be of welded construction. All exposed edges and corners shall be radiused and burr free. Tension for bar movement is accomplished by hex head clamp bolt provided. Grab bar shall be operable with only one hand. Bar mounting plate shall have a solid stop bumper to prevent raised bar from banging into wall. Grab bar tube shall have a plastic end cap to cushion contact with wall plate in use position.


This unit is surface mounted. Installer/construction contractor must provide concealed anchor plate or blocking as specified in construction documents or as required by local building codes prior to wall finishing. Fasten wall plate to concealed anchor or blocking plate with appropriate hardware (by others) through each of seven (7) mounting holes provided. Install top arm stop bumper (provided lashed to back plate) on top center mounting hole as shown in diagram above when installing mounting hardware (by others). See "STRENGTH" section below. Note that concealed mounting plates or anchors and hardware are not supplied with this product. Ensure that mounting configuration complies with local building codes. For compliance with 2010 ADA Accessibility Standards, install unit so that top of horizontal bar is between 33" and 36" [838 to 914] above finished floor (AFF) for use by adults. Other heights are appropriate for other age groups at lower levels.


ASI grab bars are designed to meet and exceed 2010 ADA Accessibility Standards and ANSI 117.1 so that fabricated product shall be of adequate strength to exceed specification compliance by a Factor of Safety of 2. Swing-up grab bar can support loads in excess of 500 lbs (227 kg) when properly installed. Mounting to the wall is a critical part of the system to meet this requirement. The fastener system must be adequately sized to withstand the shear, tension or pullout, and torsion loads generated by the maximum loading.

OPERATION Swing-up Grab Bar is lowered manually to horizontal position for support and raised for departure. Tension control prevents grab bar from dropping from the vertical position. Balance tension is adjustable by owner by tightening or loosening the clamp bolt. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure continued safe operation by performing periodic inspection and effecting any adjustment or repairs required as usage may loosen tension over time. Bumper provides positive bar stop at top rest position. Plastic tube cap closes end of bottom tube and provides smooth solid contact with back plate.


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