Make Your Customers Come Back by Installing a Baby Changing Table

Posted by Handy Washroom on Nov 18th 2022

Baby changing tables are a great investment for any business that can afford them and has the space in their washroom. They provide an added service to customers and make you stand out in your field by making it easier and more convenient for parents with babies to use your facilities. There are a wide variety of baby changing tables to choose from including models with safety straps and diaper disposal units so you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

Black Baby Changing Station

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Baby Changing Stations Are Advantages To Parents

An essential accessory for parents with babies visiting a business, the baby changing table is not only a useful piece of equipment, but it also has multiple benefits to the user. They make changing your baby's diapers convenient andcomfortable; they're safe and practical and they provide the perfect solution to taking care of a child at a public establishment. No customer wants to leave a business only to have to go home to take care of their child's immediate needs.

One of the main advantages is that they give mothers a clean and safe place to change their baby and provide greater comfort and efficiency when changing diapers.

They Are Made in Modern Designs

The modern design of most changing tables is also quite an advantage because they can be installed and usedx in many different bathroom sizes and styles. They're an excellent investment for any business as they can last up to ten years or more without needing to be replaced. They tend to stay strong and sturdy for more than 5 years before they need to be tightened up or serviced and servicing can be done by a professional or one of your employees

They're an excellent investment

Changing stations are an excellent investment because they allow you to provide an added service to customers for many years to come and you will never get any complaints from customers with children. We have found that the only complaint a customer can have are that it's not been cleaned or experiencing problems with wear and tear. As mentioned previously, wear and tear can be mitigated with regular cleaning and maintenance.

One of our best selling baby changing station is the Foundations® 100SSE-SM which is surface mounted, stainless steel, and specifically manufactured for special needs children. If this model is appealing to you, Installing the100SSE is guaranteed to increase the satisfaction of your customers and keep them coming back. Your employees will also feel less pressure from customers that constantly ask them if there's a place they can change their baby's diapers. This is a win win for everyone.

Installation and Maintenance

Our site offers more information about the installation and maintenance of the baby changing tables we supply but each table comes with its own set of instructions so can refer to the specific one that comes with your table.

The following are the basic instructions related to extended length of most baby changing station models:

The tools you'll need are:

  1. A level tool
  2. An accurate measuring tape
  3. A power drill

Here is an example of the simple installation instructions for a typical changing station. This one is specifically addressing the installation instructions for the 100SSE-SM.

Check each product of our website for detailed information in the care, maintenance and installation instructions for each changing station.

Baby Changing Stations Are Practical

Changing diapers can be messy (no matter how diligent you are), but with a well-placed changing table, the mess stays where it belongs on the surface of the table. If there is any sort of mess you can expect the parent to clean up after they're done, but the maintenance is very simple: an employee that does regular bathroom cleaning rounds can give it a simple wipe-down.


Certain related accessories can be installed too - accessories that help the customer or employee while they're taking care of their needs. These items include diaper dispenser in case they have run out of diapers, baby wall seats where they can place their toddler while wiping down the change table; disposable liners, and diaper disposal units.

Less Hassle for Employees

This means less hassle when cleaning up after your customers have left. If they take advantage of your services on a regular basis then getting rid of used diapers becomes even simpler because there's no chance of you or your employees finding used diapers hidden behind the toilet or filling up the trash can.

More Benefits

The bottom line is that baby changing tables are a great way to make your business more comfortable for parents with children and caregivers. They absolutely male them feel welcome. They're easy-to-install options are intuitive and very easy to understand the first time they're used and they're designed for quick cleaning

Baby Changing Tables Are Idea for Many Business Types

Baby changing stations are ideal for public settings like restaurants, hospitals, sports facilities, gyms, gas stations, hotels. government facilities, and virtually any business that has public traffic.

What To Do Next

We suggest you seriously consider the benefits of installing a cost-effective baby changing table. They are not only a useful tool but also have multiple benefits for mothers, their babies and for businesses who choose to install them. We appreciate you reading our views on the subject and wish you the best of luck with your business!

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