Easy Ways To Spruce Up a Commercial Washroom

Posted by Handy Washroom on Jun 21st 2022

In this day and age, a commercial washroom must be attractive and fully functional. This applies to a washroom that is available to the public and to the employees of a business.

Person washing hands in public bathroom

If you’re a business owner and you’re able to invest a few thousand dollars, you can use that money to spruce up your public or employee washroom and make it a welcoming place for people to do their business.

Add Some Simple, Inexpensive Enhancements First

Install Commercial or Industrial Air Fresheners

One of the first things you can do to spice up the bathroom at your business is to give it some simple enhancements. The first place you can start us by adding a few commercial or industrial air fresheners. Some of the commercial air fresheners on the market last quite long and come in a variety of scents and aromas.

When people walk into a fresh-scented restroom, it sends the message that it’s kept clean and sterilized and that you care for the wellbeing of your employees and customers. Air fresheners can go a long way when it comes to building customer retention and employee satisfaction.

Add Urinal Blocks

Another thoughtful enhancement is to add urinal blocks to both the men’s’ and women’s’ toilets and urinals. It’s a taboo subject but no one likes entering a washroom and taking a breath of the previous person’s business. From a user experience, this makes the unsuspecting patron want to get out of there quickly and it also doesn’t leave a good impression of your business practices either. It’s a little-known fact that if a customer or employee doesn’t like your bathroom, they’ll have a strongly negative feeling about your business too.

Urinal blocks are inexpensive pieces of bathroom equipment that come in many sizes and aromas. Because they are so cheap, it’s a wonder why any business owner would forsake the opportunity to add this simple bathroom upgrade.

Provide Proper Waste Disposal Equipment

Giving your customers and employees quick access to waste receptacles is paramount to optimizing the experience they have in your bathroom. For one, easily accessed waste receptacles and garbage cans reduce the chances of people throwing their waste on the floor or behind the toilet. This helps keep the bathroom looking clean and tidy and makes less work for your washroom maintenance crew too.

You may have to install a few upgrades or move things around but make it a priority to have individual feminine hygiene waste receptacles installed in each stall, and a waste container placed closed to the exit door. If you’re a business owner and ever wondered why there are always used paper towels on the floor behind the door, it’s because people use the paper towel to open the door and just drop it on the floor when leaving. If there’s a waste receptacle close to the door, your patrons will be more inclined to throw their waste in it instead of dropping it on the floor for you to clean up. It’s all about consideration.

These are some basic but extremely important ways to spruce up your bathroom and keep it in good condition but it’s time to look at the more elaborate upgrades you can do.

More Elaborate Commercial Bathroom Enhancements

Investing upwards of $2000 to $5000 in washroom upgrades can go a long way to enhancing the experiences your patrons have when using your public or commercial washroom.

Install Commercial Washroom Mirrors

Washroom mirror with shelf

This is the decade of convenience and with some of the impressive mirror manufacturers out there producing amazing products, a commercial washroom mirror is one of the best places to start bathroom upgrades.

They’re beautiful, corrosion resistance, convenient, and easy to clean. They’re functional, durable, and dependable, and most of them are building code compliant. They’re expensive looking too so with their decent price tag, they can make any commercial washroom look rich, pristine, and properly maintained.

All these positive features count towards increasing the positive user experience for your patrons and leaves them with a good impression of your business. Decently priced commercial washroom mirrors can range from $200 to approximately $500 and go a long way to sprucing up a commercial bathroom and making it look like you care for your patrons.

For homeowners, look at our recent article entitled the bathroom is all about the medicine cabinet for compelling reasons to install one in your home too.

Install Baby and Adult Changing Tables

Changing tables fall under the more expensive upgrades that you’ll do for your business bathroom, but they go a long way in enhancing the user experience and make the bathroom much more functional.

Business establishments without changing stations run the risk of losing business to parents with children, and adults that care for people with disabilities. On the contrary, a public washroom that provides their patrons with changing tables helps retain customers, increases customer satisfaction, and signals that you’re a business owner that considers the needs of your special patrons with special needs.

Install Professional Hand Dryers

Our advice is don’t skirt on commercial hand dryers when it comes to public washrooms – it’s a no brainer. Installing commercial hand dryers creates less waste and can spreads less germs – these are minor things that make a big difference in how much your patrons will appreciate your business.

The idea is to modernize your bathroom and provide your patrons with convenient options. A lot of people don’t like using paper towels and have become accustomed to the idea of being able to blow dry their hands—others just feel more comfortable using them.

Electric hand dryers can range in pricing from $250 to upwards of a few thousand dollars. Yes, it’s on the higher end of a bathroom upgrade but it’s an investment that lasts at least a decade and almost all models come with impressive warranties.

Make the Investment

These are the kinds of simple washroom upgrades that can go a long way to making your business appear much better and more modernized. With such a small investment you can rest assured that people—employees or customers—that use your business restroom will feel comfortable, clean, and convenient. All these positive experiences lead to customer satisfaction and being extremely good for business.