Frost 2012 - Pet Waste Disposal Bags (2000 pack)


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Frost 2012 - Pet Waste Disposal Bag Refill (10 pack of 200 each - Total 2000 bags)

Site Location: The 2012 pet waste bags are for use in the 2010 pet waste dispenser and are perfect for any area with high traffic pet ownership. These are meant to be used in areas around public parks, condominiums, residential paths, schools/universities, and common courtyard areas.

Features: The 2012 pet waste bags are designed for use with Frost’s pet waste station. The 2012 pet waste disposable bags come in a case of ten boxes. Each box includes 200 bags. Two boxes of disposable bags fit into the Frost 2010 pet waste dispenser. These bags are easy to remove from the dispenser and are 8″ x 13″ (20.3cm x 33cm) in size.

Materials: High density plastic bag, green in colour.

Capacity: Bag size is 8″ x 13″ (20.3cm x 33cm). 200 bags are in each individual box. A case includes 10 individual boxes. There are a total of 2,000 disposable bags in a case.

Installation: Open the Frost 2010 pet waste dispenser using the key provided. Pull front of the dispenser out and up to swing the lid open. Place 1 or 2 boxes of disposable pet waste bags in the unit. The unit will hold 2 pet waste bag boxes at a size of 8.75″L x 3.125″H x 3.125″D each. Close the door to the unit and secure the tumbler lock at the front. If you have trouble locking the unit, simply slightly lift the boxes inside the unit and turn the key in the lock, as the boxes may be interfering with the closing of the lock.

Maintenance: Normal preventative maintenance and cleaning will keep Frost products functioning properly and may extend normal product life. Products should be wiped down with a damp soft cloth periodically. Do not use harsh detergents or chemical cleaners. Maintenance staff should periodically inspect waste bag levels based on site usage.

Warranty: 1 year

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