Mitsubishi Jet Towel Hand Dryer JT-SB116JH - White

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Mitsubishi Jet Towel Automatic Hand Dryer JT-SB116JH-W-NA - White 120V

Material: High-impact ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 26 38" x 11 1316" x 8 58"
Weight: 26.5 lbs.
Motor Type: Brushless DC
Installation Height: 37" from the top of the dryer (ADA compliant)
NSF 169 Certified (the only hand dryer to meet a NSF standard)
ETL certified consistent with UL 499 standards

Dry Time: 10 seconds
Touchless Infra-red Sensors (top & bottom)
Operating Noise (measured from 2 meters): High Speed 61 dB | Low Speed 58 dB
Air Temperature: 95°F
Air Velocity: (High Speed 235 mph | Low Speed 215 mph)
Air Volume: (High Speed 110 CFM | Low Speed 100 CFM)

Electrical Requirements:
Power Supply: 120V / 60Hz
Amperage: 11.4A
Power Consumption (High Speed + Heat): 1250W
(Low Speed + Heat): 1090W
(High Speed + No Heat): 730W
(Low Speed + No Heat): 570W
Standby Power: 1W
Dedicated Single-Pole GFCI Breaker Required

5 years

Touchless Operation with Multiple Sensors

Multiple sensors in the Jet Towel continue the tradition of touchless operations integral to the first Jet Towel. An infrared sensor at the bottom of the hand drying area begins air flow and a sensor at the top stops air flow only once hands have left the dryer. With no need to touch the dryer for operations, risk of bacterial contamination is reduced.




Sensors on the Mitsubishi Jet Towel® Hand Dryer


Anti-Microbial Additives

Anti-microbial additives prevent bacterial growth on the Jet Towel

To ensure the most sanitary conditions, anti-microbial additives blended into the plastic during molding inhibit bacterial growth on all surfaces that come in contact with water. Silver ions prevent bacteria from reproducing to ensure the highest in sanitation.


Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the Jet Towel is easy: at the end of the day simply wipe down the dryer and empty the drain tank. The drain tray slides out horizontally to prevent water spillage and takes less than a minute to clean, freeing up custodial staff for cleaning other areas.

The Jet Towel is also one of the only dryers with a switch to turn of motion sensors for thorough cleaning of the hand drying as desired.

For even more thorough cleaning, the Jet Towel now features access to the drain channel between the hand drying area and the drain tank. A security lock option exists for installations that would prefer the drain channel to not be accessible.

The drain tank is easy to clean and keeps the hand drying area clean at all times.

Drying Hands Has Never Been Easier - or Quicker

High Speed Hand Drying in Just 10 Seconds

In 1993, Mitsubishi engineers addressed the problems with traditional hand dryers by developing a new approach that uses two jets of high speed air to wipe water from both sides of hands. This approach reduced hand drying to just 10 seconds, eliminating paper towel waste and creating a hand dryer that finally works.

Operation is easy, just insert your hands and remove them:

How to Use the Mitsubishi Jet Towel®


Dual Jet Hand Drying

As soon as hands fully enter the dryer, two jets of 235 mph air create a barrier that wipes water from hands as they are removed. A continuous 3” opening on three sides ensures that hands have ample room to enter from the side or above and warm 95° F air keeps hands comfortable throughout the drying experience.

Multiple Sensors for Maximum Comfort

The Jet Towel® employs two sensors, upper and lower, to trigger the air stream, a feature unique to the Jet Towel®. The bottom sensor initiatives the air stream only after hands are fully inserted into the hand dryer, preventing water drops from blowing up hands as they enter the air stream and the upper sensors stops air flow once hands have left the dryer, saving on power.

Sensors on the Mitsubishi Jet Towel® Hand Dryer

Special Child Sensors

Children Can Easily Use the Jet Towel®

Children can use the Jet Towel® as easily as adults, thanks to two specially placed sensors in the hand drying area. With no awkward bending or reaching, children can use the Jet Towel® to dry hands as simply and fluidly as adults.



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