Saniflow M14A Dualflow Plus High Speed Hand Dryer - White

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Dualflow Plus M14A hands-in hand dryer with HEPA filter - ABS White

DUALFLOW PLUS Hand Dryer Series - The New Generation of Green High Speed and Hygienic Hand Dryers

With the ever increasing cost of paper towels, many Architects & Designers are daunted with the task of specifying the right hand dryers for their projects. SANIFLOW offers the most complete line of high speed, vandal resistant hand dryers in the market. Our most innovative model, DUALFLOW PLUS not only offers a unique and distinctive look but it also exceeds all expectations offering durability, efficiency, and quality above all.

M14 DUALFLOW PLUS® (Air speed at 232.60 mph/ Universal Voltage) completely dries your hands in 10-15 seconds and is equipped with a fully adjustable motor of 600-1300 watts which additionally allows the user the capability of adjusting noise levels and energy consumption. Incorporated in this new model is a H13 HEPA filter which removes 99.9% of bacteria and an antimicrobial surface protectant, Biocote®, embedded onto the surface of the U-Shape part of the unit. This model offers savings of up to 57% in energy consumption over traditional hand dryers and is easy to maintain with a retractable water tank and an alarm system that alerts when maintenance is required. GreenSpec and LEED Certified.

The new DUALFLOW PLUS® M14 provides a premium experience in every aspect. Fast drying time (10 – 15 seconds), quiet (only 65 dB on the eco-setting) and pleasant to use. It is energy efficient and can save up to 90% vs. paper towel costs. Operation of the unit is hands free, and the water from the hands is collected into a retractable Biocote® protected water tank, which can easily be emptied out avoiding hazardous slippery floors.

Other great features include:

  • Adjustable motor speed to obtain variable power, from 600 Watts to 1300 Watts with the heating element “ON”.
  • Lower noise level down to 65 dB.
  • Anti-microbial Biocote® protection is integrated onto the U-shaped surface and water tank.
  • Option to disconnect the heating element (“On” and “Off” option).
  • 3 layer H13 HEPA Filter removes up to 99.9% of allergens from the air.
  • An acoustic and optical warning indicating full water tank on the frontal led display for a quick diagnosis.
  • Easy maintenance : Retractable water tank collect water droplets to avoid dripping on the floor.
  • No hazardous water pooling on the floor.
  • GreenSpec listed & offering LEED Credits.


Technical Characteristics      
  Voltage :     110-120V; 208 V; 220-240V    
  Frequency :     50-60 Hz    
  Power consumption :     6-8 A (120V) with H. Element OFF. 8-10 A (120V) with H. Element ON    
  Motor :     adjustable 350 - 1050 Watts    
  R.P.M. :     adjustable 19.000 - 28.000 rpm    
  Heating element :     250 W (on/off option)    
  Noise level at 79''. :     62-72 dB    
  Air speed :     232.6 mph    
  Temperature (at 4'' distance / 70ºF) :     104 F    
  Drying time :     10 - 15 sec    
  Effective airflow :     65.92 - 91.23 CFM    
  Insulation :     IPX4    
  Installation height :     36 3/35"    
  Dimensions :     26 1/8"H x 12 5/8"W x 9"D

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